In a single moment, life for Justin – and his whole family – was changed forever.  A member of the elite sniper squad of the 101st Airborne Division, Justin was training in Louisiana for an upcoming deployment.  While traveling back to base, Justin was struck by a speeding pickup truck, and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, a stroke and multiple open fractures.  The emergency medical team had to resuscitate him twice.   After 17 days in a coma and two months in the Intensive Care unit, he was transferred to the Tampa Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center, and spent four months there for acute rehabilitation and recovery.  Finally, he was moved to Virginia, close to his family, where he could continue his rehab.

Almost a year after the accident, Justin regained use of his limbs, but his cognitive abilities were still impaired due to the brain injury.  His parents have been granted guardianship, and his mother quit her job to be his full-time caregiver.  The family was suffering financially because of the expenses incurred to be at Justin’s side during his hospitalizations and the necessary modifications of the family home to keep him safe and mobile.  SALUTE was able to help with mortgage payments relieving some of the financial stress for the family, plus provide a treadmill to help Justin recover his strength at home.

Justin’s dad expressed his thanks:

“Providing us the financial help, while undeniably helpful and appreciated, is merely a shadow compared to the spiritual and mental help your gift really brings.  I cannot possibly tell you how lonely a journey like this can get.  The alienation and feelings of isolation have a way of creeping in and consuming us.  Then you guys come along and save the day…

With highest regards, respect and gratitude, “   The Lynchard Family

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