Searching for help with depression and other invisible injuries of war, Iraq combat veteran Thad enrolled in a hospital-based mental health program.  The intensive program offered a full-spectrum treatment program that connects veterans to individual and group therapy and a daily regimen of physical fitness, stress-reduction training and wellness practices.

Earlier, when he was struggling with depression, Thad had withdrawn from his responsibilities and become dangerously close to taking his own life.  Partly due to his depression, Thad fell behind in his mortgage payments.  SALUTE helped with one month’s payment, easing the financial stress of debt.  Encouraged by the financial assistance and the immense benefits from the mental health program, Thad was able to return to his family with a renewed spirit and energy.

“…I now have a clean slate to start with.  Thank you, SALUTE, you truly are a god-send to veterans trying to fix their lives. “ 

Thad Army (Retired)

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