Four years in the Marines had prepared Corporal Brenda to respond quickly and decisively to a crisis.  Despite her training , when her apartment  was deemed unsafe by her local township, she did not have the funds to pay the security deposit at a new apartment.  With only three days to vacate her current  apartment, Brenda contacted SALUTE for help with the first month’s rent and security deposit for her new home.  SALUTE provided the rental assistance and Brenda was able to move to a new apartment that was safe and healthy for her and her son.   Settled into their new home, Brenda is able to focus on her PTSD recovery, as well as her recovery from breast cancer.

“I would like to say Thank You and express my gratitude for SALUTE, INC. My apartment was deemed “unsafe” by the township and I had to move in 3 days or less. I was able to find a place but unable to come up with the full security deposit. Having been previously homeless the year before, I was terrified that I would have to return to homelessness once again. Salute provided the financial support I needed to guarantee my son and I would continue to have a place to live.  Having a safe place to live is essential to managing my PTSD symptoms. 

I was impressed with the kindness and understanding I received from everyone I dealt with at SALUTE. Asking for help and dealing with people brings up feelings of anxiety and stress. To my surprise and delight, it was not like that when I interacted with SALUTE.

Thank you very much for helping a veteran in need. I will be forever grateful.”                        Semper Fidelis,  CPL Brenda

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