Sergeant Kurt proudly served in the U S Army for over five years, including several tours of duty in Iraq.  Health issues forced him to retire, so he returned home and began his life as a civilian. His job was going well until he was let go due to COVID layoffs.  Kurt contacted the bank, and was granted a forbearance on his mortgage, freeing up funds  so he could afford essential expenses such as food and utilities during the pandemic.

While he was still looking for work, the mortgage forbearance period ended. Concerned that his home would be foreclosed, Kurt reached out to SALUTE for assistance with his mortgage payments.   SALUTE was able to help with his mortgage bill, thereby providing a stable home for Kurt as he continued to search for a new job.

“I wanted to thank you for what you have done for me and my daughter.  After being let go from my position during the COVID pandemic, I was forced to take a forbearance on our home in order to pay for living expenses and food. After being out of work for almost one year, I had racked up some serious debt, and a load of stress and depression.  SALUTE, INC. stepped up and covered a payment for me, and this has really helped me get caught up and keep my home.

Thank you so much for what you have done for me and my daughter.  We can  can only imagine how many others you have helped! “                               SGT Kurt

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