Soldier Ann experienced many challenges during her time serving in the Army. Suffering from PTSD and military sexual trauma, Ann was unable to work.  In need of mental health treatment,  Ann’s VA doctor put her in contact with a hospital-based mental health program, which was a perfect fit for her needs. However, Ann was still waiting on a revised service connection and could not attend the program with her current mortgage payment outstanding. SALUTE was able to assist her with the mortgage, allowing Ann to invest her time and energy on her mental health situation. Ann wrote a beautiful thank you note:

“Words cannot begin to express my gratitude. I wanted to say thank you so much for helping me. Things have been rocky since I’ve left the Army. I haven’t been able to hold down a steady job …I’ve had to choose what bills to pay…

I was referred to SALUTE, INC. and spoke to Angela. She was amazing and sympathetic to my situation. She listened to the financial issues I’m currently having, along with my long term plans once I have a steady ground to stand on.

Thanks to you, my dog Delta and I have our house and many memories to fill that house.”

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