"Words are so inadequate to express our gratitude for your generosity. The help comes when we need it most."

Karen P.Mom & Caregiver


August, 2017 Update:

On July 17th, over 100 generous golfers joined the DISCOVER/Palatine Hills Golf Association (PHGA) to raise money for SALUTE, INC.  With the proceeds from that event, SALUTE was able to purchase a Rifton Tram for Shawn that provides daily assistance in sitting or standing transfers, as well as gait training. This sophisticated piece of equipment greatly reduces the physical burden of caring for Shawn, as well as providing additional therapy as he continues his journey of recovery.  SALUTE  is grateful for the support of the PHGA in providing Shawn this valuable gift.  


Meet Shawn P., retired US Air Force Colonel, veteran of multiple deployments in his 24 years of service, accomplished pilot and SALUTE, INC. client. Shortly after retiring from active duty, Shawn suffered a severe cerebral aneurysm. SALUTE learned of Shawn’s circumstances while he was a patient at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (formerly the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago).  Shawn then progressed on to another rehabilitation center, fighting to recover his  mobility and communication skills. SALUTE has assisted his mother, who is his primary caregiver, by paying her rent at a nearby apartment close to his rehabilitation center. This allowed Shawn’s mom to be actively involved in facilitating his treatment. Shawn continues to steadily improve and is responding particularly well to music therapy. Shawn is currently residing with his mother and attending outpatient treatment, where his courage and fortitude are evident every day.  

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