Air Force veteran Chris was looking for help with his lingering PTSD and the side effects of a traumatic brain injury.  During his four years of service, Chris was deployed to Iraq in the financial management area, and served as a comptroller journeyman.

After some research, he located a hospital-based program that was operating via telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The program was exactly what Chris hoped for, but it required that he take two weeks off of work to attend.  Hoping to remove that barrier to care, SALUTE offered Chris assistance with car payments and utilities.  Freed from the economic repercussions of taking time off, Chris was able to focus on the program.

Chris wrote to SALUTE, expressing his gratitude:

Thank you so much for aiding me in my time of need.  Without your assistance I would not have been able to seek treatment for my PTSD and TBI.  You have greatly impacted myself and my family.  Keep up the great work – you are truly changing lives!

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