Sergeant First Class Anthony served for 26 years in the Army, which included service in many different parts of the world, as well as Afghanistan.  Upon retirement, Anthony settled back in his home town and dedicated himself to his family and his job.  The family was doing well until COVID-19 impacted Anthony’s employment, reducing his hours.  Anthony contacted SALUTE and we were able to assist the family with their past-due utility bills.  Anthony and his family were most appreciative for this assistance and are looking forward to better days ahead.

On behalf of my family and I, we would like to thank you: the whole SALUTE Team, and all of the donors that allow you to help Veterans, Military members, and their families every day. This is a very challenging time for many Americans and our family is no different. Your financial assistance is greatly appreciated and we will be forever grateful to each of you.

 I served in the Army for 26 years and deployed multiple times. It gives me peace of mind knowing that people still care and are willing to show it like you have.

 You have all been a HUGE blessing to our family.

 Gratefully, SFC Anthony


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