Travis served four years as an Army specialist, including a tour in Iraq.  Upon his discharge from the army, Travis found a job and worked hard to support his wife and four kids.  Lingering effects of his PTSD caused him to have an episode at work, which led to a mandatory time off from his work place.  His wife took a leave of absence from her job to help him cope with the situation and find appropriate mental health treatment.  Fortunately, Travis was able to attend a hospital-based mental health program, which made a tremendous difference in his life.  The family had fallen behind on some bills due to both parents being on leave from work, so SALUTE was able to provide financial assistance with rent, car expenses and utility bills.  We received the following thank you letter from the family:

“To the Awesome Salute Family Staff!!!!!

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us and our family!!!

The road we have previously taken was not an easy one to say the least, but with your help and staff especially Ms. Amazing Angela you definitely made our tough financial situation easier and lightened our burden!

You made the impossible happen and we did not expect nor even fathom the thought of a company helping us out in our time of need!!

We are forever grateful and in debt to you in an unspeakable way and will never forget what you have done for our family and not to mention all the Military brothers, sisters and their families as well!!

Please keep up and never stop the tremendous outstanding work you do for us all!!


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