Recipes Now Being Collected for the Second Edition of “Carl’s Cookbook” to Benefit SALUTE, INC.

Recipes Now Being Collected for the Second Edition of “Carl’s Cookbook” to Benefit SALUTE, INC.

Palatine, IL, May 29, 2019 — Area resident and Air Force veteran Carl King is currently collecting appetizer and dessert recipes for the second edition of his cookbook, "Carl's Cookbook," which will benefit SALUTE, INC. The new edition "A Tasty Start and a Sweet Finish" will be published this fall in time for holiday entertaining.

Like the first edition which featured recipes for main dishes, the new book will be distributed to stores in Arlington Heights and surrounding communities. Patrons will be asked to donate to SALUTE in exchange for the book with a targeted figure of $15.

The first edition of “Carl’s Cookbook,” which was released in 2018, featured simple and quick recipes that are easy for anyone to make, regardless of their experience in the kitchen. The entire run of over 500 books sold out.

“I’ve always loved cooking with and for my family,” said King. “When I retired, I decided to put together a cookbook with some of my family’s favorite recipes. But I felt that the cookbook needed a purpose. When my daughter suggested partnering with SALUTE, I knew it was the perfect fit.”

“This is such a great example of how people can contribute to our mission,” said Mary Beth Beiersdorf, co-founder and Executive Director of SALUTE, INC.” If you love to cook, put together a cookbook. If you are an artist, sell a series of paintings for us. Maybe get some neighbors together for a block-wide garage sale with proceeds going to SALUTE. We appreciate everyone’s effort and we want people to feel committed and engaged in being a part of our grass-roots community dedicated to veterans and military personnel in need.”

SALUTE, INC. is a Palatine-based nonprofit that raises funds to help meet the financial, physical and emotional needs of injured military service members, veterans and their families. Much like the first edition of “Carl’s Cookbook,” 100 percent of the proceeds from the second book will be donated to SALUTE, INC.

If you have appetizer or dessert recipes that you would like to submit to “A Tasty Start and a Sweet Finish” please email them to Carl at You may find your recipe next to that of one by submitted by local celebrities who are being asked to contribute as well.

Look for copies of “A Tasty Start and a Sweet Finish” in local stores and at this fall.

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