SALUTE, INC Celebrates 15th Anniversary

SALUTE, INC Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Palatine, IL, March 5, 2018 — On February 24th over 330 guests attended a 15th anniversary fund-raiser for SALUTE, INC. helping the local non-profit organization raise important funds to meet the financial, physical and emotional needs of injured military service members, veterans and their families.

On hand for the event was Karen Pederson, mother and primary caregiver of retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Shawn Pederson, a veteran of multiple deployments in his 24 years of service, who suffered a brain aneurysm shortly after retiring. Ms. Pederson described how funds from SALUTE, INC. made it possible for her to be close to Shawn while he was in rehabilitation and to ultimately purchase a device to aid in making Shawn more mobile.

“We very much rely on our donors to temporarily ease the financial burdens of rent, mortgage, car payments and daily expenses so returning service personnel have access to counseling, treatment and health care,” said SALUTE, INC. co-founder and Executive Director Mary Beth Beiersdorf. “In some cases, we are able to make an even more significant impact as we have been able to do in helping the Pedersons secure the special device Shawn uses to stay mobile.”

Beiersdorf also noted the social aspect of the February event. “We appreciate the hard work of our volunteers, and the support of our donors and partners. It’s nice to have events like this where we can all get together, get better acquainted, and make sure that our story gets told on a personal level. It was wonderful to connect with so many amazing members of our community.”

 – Jim Mitchell

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