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Shepherd Center

The SHARE Initiative at Shepherd Center provides rehabilitation and community-based care to U.S. military service members who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The program utilizes Shepherd’s full rehabilitation continuum of evaluation and treatment services for those who have sustained brain injury, spinal cord injury or blast injury.

SHARE provides assistance, support, and education to service members and their families during their recovery treatment and beyond. In addition, the program compiles data that is beneficial to policy and legislative change to provide for unfunded services.

To visit their website, click here.

Direct Assistance Program

Program Description

Deployment to active duty can be a serious burden on the families of service personnel. The "unsung heroes" at home can be subject to a great deal of emotional and financial stress. SALUTE,INC. helps affected families through their Direct Assistance Program providing financial aid for rent/mortgage payments, medical bills, food, phone, utility bills, family counseling, travel and moving costs.

Eligibility Requirements

The recipient must be on active duty ,a veteran or a member of the immediate family of that person, and must be a United States citizen. Anyone can apply on behalf of the proposed recipient, but only those meeting the criteria are eligible to receive the assistance. Preference will be given to Illinois residents if requests exceed fund availability.

Proof of honorable service or discharge or proof of kinship may be required to verify eligibility, if requested by SALUTE,INC.

Application Process

Complete a Direct Assistance Application, and submit it to SALUTE, INC. via fax 847-359-8818 or at P.O. Box 236, Propsect Heights, IL 60070

The SALUTE, INC. Direct Assistance Program Committee will evaluate the application, verify eligibility, assess the availability of resources to meet the request and notify the applicant of approval or rejection within two weeks of receipt of the application by SALUTE,INC.


If you would like to donate to this Program or to contribute to the general fund of SALUTE, INC. please go to the "Donate" heading of our website or send your donation directly by mail to:

P.O. Box 236
Prospect Heights, Illinois 60070-0236