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Paving the Way

Dear Salute,

I am sending you this letter to thank you so graciously for your financial assistance. My family could not be more grateful for you help during this difficult time. What you do for soldiers and their families is the epitome of selfless service. Your assistance has paved the way for me to continue to provide for my family with a smile on my face. Thank you for your support!

~Sgt. Gerry & Family

Home for the holidays...

Dear Salute Client Advocate,

On behalf of my family and I, we would like to thank you and Salute Inc. for your financial assistance towards the rental of our new home. Your commitment to helping veterans in need (like myself), is greatly appreciated.
We are now settling into our new home just in time for the holidays, and my kids are super-excited! This could not be done without Salute Inc. and the people like you, that volunteer for the organization. Thank you all again, GOD Bless, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

The Heards

Above & Beyond

Dear Salute Staff,

    I would like to thank you for lending an ear to a veteran who has had a series of unfortunate events since returning home. My Salute client advocate's empathy and intention  to go above and beyond and to think outside of the box, has had a phenomenal affect on my current living situation. Without your help I would have never been able to afford the auto insurance, which helped me to travel to different job opportunities within the commuting area. I have successfully transitioned out of the homeless program, found a job and an apartment. I am so thankful to you for your courteous, prompt and attentive services offered to veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Thank you.

~Sgt. King

Taking time to listen...

Dear Salute,

     I want to take a moment to write you to thank you and the amazing people involved in your organization for the assistance you have been able to provide my family, and more importantly, taking the time out of your busy schedule to listen!
     It was such a RELIEF to have someone to speak to that really understands what I am going through and make me feel like, for once, I'm not alone!
When you called and told me Salute, Inc. would be paying our mortgage this month, a HUGE wave of relief overcame me. Every muscle that had been tense in my body from the stresses of financial strain (and everything else) finally relaxed! I told my husband the good news and almost broke into tears. The level of generosity and kindness you have shown us is second to none!
Without the help of Salute, Inc., I'm not sure how much longer my family would have made it before we would have to go into foreclosure on our home. Your commitment to helping veterans and their families is greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten! God bless you and all those that support your cause! There is a special place in heaven for angels like you!

Sincerely~ A Grateful Family